Nail Art

Nail Art



Nail art is a trendy fashion idea these days because it enables girls to get attention to their nails. Nail art is not easy and it needs a year of experience to give a creative design. At Olvir, we offer the best nail art services to our customers that make their nails attractive and pretty. We have the best nail artist who will give you a mesmerizing and awesome nail art design which is prepared at our nail bar. We also provide best nail extension in patna that makes your nails look awesome

Give Your Nails A Trendy Look At Olvir

To give your nails the trendy and beautiful look which they deserve, you need to get your nail art done. At Olvir nail art salon, you can get nail art, nail extension, and much other variety of services that make your nails look awesome. We will help you to get nail art that makes you flaunt your nails in front of your friends and colleagues. We use Nail art techniques that we use at Olvir nail art salon are:

  • Painting with Brush
  • Sponge Bobbing
  • Stamping and Taping
  • Stencil Method
  • Airbrush Nail Art
  • Splatter Nails
  • Nail Art Stickers
  • Sharpie Nail Art
  • Water Marble Art

We have a team of the best nail artist in Patna who will help you to get rid of your boring plain nails and customize your nails according to your choice. If your wedding is also around the corner and you want to look stunning on your wedding day then well-painted nails can add extra stars to your beauty. Our nail artist will cover your nails with colors that not only look mesmerizing but also match your wedding dress color.

Nails are beautiful symbols of every pretty girl or lady. So, if you are also searching for the best nail art salon in Patna, then Olvir salon is the perfect choice for you. Just visit our salon or book an appointment with us to get the best nail art or paint for you.

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