We use our feet a lot to walk from one place to another which makes lots of pressure on them and makes them tired. It is a fact that we don’t give much time to take proper care of our feet and nails. But with the help of a good pedicure salon-like Olvir, you can make your feet and nails healthy and good looking. From freshly moisturized feet to colored toenails, we will give a pedicure that makes your feet attractive and pleasing.

From preventing toenail fungus to freshly polished nails, there are lots of benefits of a pedicure. There are many people who search for the best pedicure salon in Patna to get relaxing pedicure treatments. But unfortunately, most of the salons charge high and not give a satisfying experience. Olvir is among the top salon that offers satisfying pedicure treatment at an affordable cost. We provide different types of pedicure treatment such as:

  • Standard pedicure
  • Gel pedicure
  • French pedicure
  • Paraffin pedicure
  • Fish pedicure
  • Rose pedicure, etc.

At Olvir salon you can try out almost all the pedicure treatments mentioned above. Our well trained and skilled pedicurist will help you get your lovely feet back by removing dirt, pollution, dead skin, and other unwanted things that turned your pretty feet into dull ones.

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